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Pracownia Endoskopii
Pracownia Endoskopii

 "The oncology screening program of cancer of the digestive system in the zawierciański and myszkowski districts as a chance of living longer in good health

Co-financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism, within the framework of the PL07 ProgrammeDevelopment and better adaptation of health care to demographic and epidemiological trends

 Tatal value: PLN 2 345 980,00 including support from the EEA FM and NFM
80 % -
PLN 1 876 778,00



 District Hospital in Zawiercie initiated the prophylactic screening for cancers of the digestive system for the residents of Zawiercie and Myszków districts. The program is dedicated to women and men aged 40 years and above, and so to all people at risk who have a current insurance and are residents of the districts of Zawiercie and Myszków. Research will be free, public and comprehensive. If the test result is positive, the patient will be directed for the appropriate treatment. Diagnosis process will be completed by a specific algorithm that should be able to detect even the smallest neoplastic changes.

Patients can register in person or by the telephone. With a group of the first 1,800 people who inhabit zawierciański or myszkowski districts and are 40 years old or more, the consultant will set the date of the medical consultation, during which the doctor specialist will interview the patient and refer him to the basic research. During the next consultation the doctor decides to refer the patient to one of the specialized research scheme or to thank the patient for participation in the study due to the fact that the results and the interview did not indicate the need of an in-depth diagnostics.

The aim of the project is to improve the detection of cancer at an early stage and to take urgent treatment. Thanks to the project the survival rate will be raised and the number of deaths reduced.

Ongoing project also provides health education and health promotion connected with preventive examinations and a healthy lifestyle. Meetings with potential participants in the project and the project participants and their families will be held in all municipalities of Zawiercie and Myszków districts. The meetings will consist of two parts - a meeting with the oncologist and nutritionist, aimed at enhancing knowledge of the early signs of cancer, risk factors and proceeding in case of the suspicion of the disease and the role of physical activity and a proper diet in reducing the risk of cancer.



Phone number: (032) 67 40 400

Contact Person: Magdalena Janicka




Registration point of GP (Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 6 PM)

District Hospital in Zawiercie

Ul. Miodowa 14

42-400 Zawiercie

         The oncology screening program of cancer will last from February 2015 untill April 2016.                                                                

                             Conference about the project PL07